Vantage Point Acquisitions seeks to provide our investors with direct investment opportunities in appreciating, cash-flowing multifamily properties. By purchasing value-add properties below replacement value and creating significant equity and operating margins we achieve our primary goal of protecting investor capital. We then employ operational and management strategies to create stable, maximized returns over the life of the project and upon disposition. At all times we deal with investors, residents, vendors, and management in a fair and honest way and strive to maintain transparency and open communication.

VPA believes that greater things can be achieved when working with others and thus has aligned itself with several other experienced principals. These include Mike Ballard and Mike Matysik of Broadview Acquisitions & Property Management, acting together as MBC Sequoia. Furthermore, VPA is a principal and Manager of DAPT Acquisitions along with David Osborn, Tim Rhode, and Pat Hiban. Together we have extensive experience with acquiring, repositioning, and managing multifamily properties with combined acquisitions exceeding 3,000 units.

We keep all investor information confidential and never sell or distribute investor information to anyone. Furthermore, Vantage Point Acquisitions adheres to SEC regulations as well as the laws and regulations of the states in which we operate.


Our Mission

Vantage Point Acquisitions is a real estate investment company that acquires and turns around under-performing multi-family properties throughout the United States. We provide superior cash-flow and appreciating investment opportunities for accredited investors by identifying these properties, acquiring and repositioning them, managing them to maximize cash flow, and disposing of the property on a 5 or 10 year timeline.